We need realness, to feel like we exist, that there is hope, and that we can make a difference.

“There is no happiness without freedom and no freedom without courage.” Périclès

SCARO is more than jewelry –
it is also an emotion to be worn.
Soak in SCARO’s universe…



SCARO’s insects become refined and ready to fly . To celebrate SCARO’s 15th anniversary, Caroline Arbour signs the Apothéose collection, feminine creations inspired by ancestral mythology.

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Collection scarabées


Within all of us resides the force of the beetle, so break out of your shell and reveal your true self…

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Collection dentelle


Inspired by plant microcosm and the elegance of nature, the Dentelle collection is where beauty and feminity intertwine to reveal your natural gentleness…

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Collection métal


Human genius and its ambitious structures inspire the Métal collection to offer you confidence and strength…

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Collection métal
Collection bois


Textured and marked by ancient wisdom, the Bois collection is inspired by the force of the north wind and aims to accentuate the nature of yours…

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Fait au Québec


SCARO is 15 years of know-how handmade creations, 100% Quebec-made, with respect for traditions and quality.

100% authentic
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