Abitibi earrings

250,00 $

Abitibi earrings sterling silver with pin.

Dimensions: 22mm x 20mm x 3.5mm

Abitibi: mysterious region in Quebec that requires a certain taste for adventure to visit for the first time. Certain people will never dare to discover this region out of fear because of all the stories that we hear about the size and number of insects, the polar cold, etc. According to Caroline Arbour, who discovered and moved to Abitibi in 2003 on a whim, the Abitibi is rather a land of wonder, of northern lights, of brave and adventurous people, a land of legend where the northerly wind whistles like an hymn to life, a land of everything is possible. It takes a certain character and a creative mind to fall in love with such a place, just like it requires us to change our outlook on the life surrounding us to appreciate and recognize the beauty of insects.  

“Madness is the only thing you never regret.” Oscar Wilde

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