Athena earrings 18K gold

1,650,00 $

Athéna earrings 18K gold with 3 diamonds 1,5mm diameter.

The jewel, regardless of whether it is made of rhodium-plated silver with 3 emeralds or of 18k yellow gold one with 3 diamonds, represents the number 8, symbol of material, power, and ambition, but also the Greek goddess of wisdom and craft, as contrary to the symbol of the number. For me, as the artist behind the creation, the beetle, with its shell, is an insect with an ever-present duality, just like human beings are full of contradiction. Therefore, behind its luxurious shell hide delicate wings, which allow the beetle and the person who wears it to be free whenever they choose.

Dimensions: 13mm height x 9mm width x 3,4mm thickness.


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