Fiorenza earrings

545,00 $

Fiorenza earrings sterling silver and 18k gold.

Dimensions with French lever backs: 41mm x 14mm x 4.5mm. Dimensions with pins: 29mm x 14mm x 4.5mm.

Inspired by the architecture of the great and mysterious city of Florence, this beetle-shaped piece of jewelry is named after the singer-songwriter, Florence K, in Italian.

A tribute to the battle fought by people with mental illnesses to face the judgement of others, their own view of their illness, their battle to stay balanced despite the challenges brought by the ups and downs of these mental illnesses.

When looking closely at this piece, we can see the architecture of the large buildings, the stained-glass windows, the style of windows with partitions belonging to medieval constructions. It also means returning the freedom to those suffering from mental illnesses and breaking the walls to their soul. Libertà means being free from the shame and taboos that we hold and learning to live with ourselves.

“We are liberated by what we accept, but we are prisoners of what we refuse.” Swami Prâjnanpad

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