Pure earrings 18K gold

1,550,00 $

Pure earrings 18K gold with the shape of a beetle and heart in the center. Attachment system with rods and butterflies.

Dimensions: 17mm long x 11mm wide.

The jeweller has designed this series of Pure jewelry following a very touching contract about family. She then wanted to deliver her vision of purity and love in a single jewel. This piece symbolizes love through the heart which is found in the heart of the beetle’s shell. One can imagine that it also hides under its shell, as so many people do. The space between its head and its shell represents the sunrise, which symbolizes the hope for the day to come or the future. The beetle itself represents protection and the very heart of SCARO, the force of the beetle. Then there are all the little dots sculpted by the jeweller, which represent the seed, for each of the little gestures we make that make a difference. Each of them elements form a whole, a unit, what we are to each other but also individually.

“Where we love each other, it never gets dark.” – African proverb

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