Sacré pendant

350,00 $410,00 $

Sacré pendant in sterling silver. This double-sided jewelry featuring a beetle with a white mother-of-pearl shell and a bee on the other side. Including or not including adjustable sterling silver plated rhodium chain.

“And then one day you realize you’re free, that you hold the key to this prison you created for yourself. That you’re not living your life in truth, but in the image of it you made for yourself.

So you open this cage, and you understand that you hold the key to the person you really want to be.”

Caroline Arbour


Apart from its esthetic appeal, the key is synonymous with freedom, power, knowledge, privacy and security.

In popular tradition, the key is above all a sign of prosperity and security.


“The door to change can only come from within. Each person holds the key.”

Josette Sauthier

Dimensions: 47,5mm x 15,7mm.

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