Talisman pendant

485,00 $555,00 $

Sterling silver Talisman pendant depicting a bee on a beetle’s shell, with a pear-shaped citrine. With or without adjustable chain.

It’s no accident this jewel is called Talisman.

The bee acts as the beetle’s shell, with citrine at its heart. This semi-precious stone helps balance energies and develop a strong sense of creativity and self-confidence.

Citrine also represents the colour of honey, the product of the bee, the true creator of life.

The merging of beetle and bee in this way symbolizes a great power that endows the Talisman jewel with magical or protective power.

“The mightiest art in life is turning pain into a healing talisman.”

Frida Kahlo

Dimensions: 38,5mm x 16,8mm x 8,5mm.


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