Social Commitment

For Caroline Arbour, it is important to make a difference in her community. Social commitment is something she keeps very close to her heart. Caroline invests in different causes through her art.

She created a special piece of jewelry for the Le Missionaire project, with a percentage of the profits donated to various charitable organizations founded by Jean-Pier Gravel.

For the last several years, she has supported the Groupe Perron auction in Lac Brome by offering creations for auction during the event, with proceeds going towards mental illness.

In collaboration with Ogilvy, Caroline also participated in the 2016 auction of the Fondation des Petits Rois, a support organization for children with intellectual difficulties.

By partnering with rapper Anodajay (Steve Jolin) to create two jewelry pieces for men – the Anodajay bracelet and band ring – SCARO was able to donate 10% of the profits from the jewelry sold to Lutte aux préjugés, an organization that raises awareness about poverty issues.

Caroline also developed a similar partnership in the past with rapper Samian, who was SCARO’s muse for the creation of select items for men. The sale of these pieces allowed SCARO to donate 10% of its profits to the Fondation Nouveaux sentiers. This organization helps to improve the living conditions among First Nations by applying initiatives fostering social and human development of individuals within their communities.

SCARO et Anodajay pour Lutte aux préjugésSCARO à l’encan du Groupe Perron au Lac Brome

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