Mellona or Mellonia (from Latin mel, “honey”) was the protector of beehives and bees according to the Roman mythology. She was supposed to avenge those for whom honey represented a mean of livelihood when they were robbed or one of their beehives was tempered with. This small beetle with a honeycombed shell is the perfect idealization of the protector…

Mellona bracelet

290,00 $

Mellona earrings

Original price was: 195,00 $.Current price is: 170,00 $.

Mellona earrings 18K gold

950,00 $

Mellona leather bracelet

270,00 $

Mellona pendant

210,00 $

Mellona pendant 18K gold

1,300,00 $

Mellona ring

195,00 $

Mellona ring 18K gold

1,400,00 $
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