Beetle Symbolism


The sacred symbol of the beetle in the history of mankind is ancient and fascinating. Several peoples have attributed virtues to the beetle as well as various and powerful meanings.SCARO - Symbolique du scarabée

For the Egyptians, the beetle meant fertility in all spheres of life, luck and protection. It was revered to such an extent that during embalming, a beetle was placed on the heart of the mummy to guide the deceased towards immortality…

Lucky charm beetle

For SCARO, the beetle is a good-luck charm. It symbolizes inner strength, with its shell serving as a protector and invoking courage. The insertion of genuine beetle elytra with iridescent highlights in SCARO’s jewellery adds a touch of real magic.

Caroline Arbour, jeweller and creator of SCARO, hopes that her creations will bring strength and happiness. As for a talisman, Caroline moulds her beetles so that each of them envelops beauty, courage and abundance for those who wear them.

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