Trained in jewelry-making at the Pavillon technique in Quebec City, Caroline Arbour is a young jeweller who created her company in 2003 under the name SCARO by Caroline Arbour. With an unwavering passion and a great respect for know-how, Caroline designs and produces all her jewelry in her Amos, Quebec workshop. The beetle, a thousand-year-old symbol, is the emblem of SCARO.

Her collection includes 180 models for men and women, in gold and silver. SCARO offers jewelry that is unique or part of a limited series. Many creations are made using real elytra (beetle shells), which makes very distinctive jewelry.

Caroline has been a member of the Conseil des métiers d’art du Québec for many years. She is also a sculptor, represented by the Artêria gallery, which exhibits her works worldwide (New York, London and Hong Kong). She has rapidly gained notoriety for the quality and boldness of her products. As a partner sponsor for the 2017 Quebec edition of the popular TV show The Voice/La Voix, she supplied the jewelry worn by the judges and guest artists.

Caroline Arbour’s work is first and foremost rooted in the nature and environment that surrounds her, from her native Gaspésie and its spectacular marine landscapes, to her adopted Abitibi, rough and proud. While insects are the focus of her fascination with living beings, she also sees beauty in the variegated textures of plant life. Ferns, bark and moss become ephemeral lacework that the jeweller transforms, through filing, moulding and welding, into jewellery or works of art, forged in precious metals.

With her sharp eye and endlessly renewed inspiration, Caroline Arbour harnesses the fragile beauty inherent in the poetry of our surroundings. She is guided by emotions gleaned from contemplation and silence, which lends her work a unique strength.

For Caroline Arbour, creation is a way of life, a passion. To innovate, dazzle, and please is a definite part of her vocabulary, yet her jewellery is primarily a form of expression that goes far beyond the sole beauty of an item of jewellery. Her craft is a means of spreading happiness and harmony by making the most of what she can accomplish with her hands and her heart.

Caroline has great aspirations for SCARO. Her zealous work, determination and intuition will surely send her little SCARO beetles all over the world…

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