Feminine creations inspired by ancestral mythology…


In Greece, Artemis was the goddess of the wildness. Composed of silver, 18K gold, and a Tahitian pearl, this small warrior bee embodies the “wild” nature and its treasures!

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The jewel, regardless of whether it is made of rhodium-plated silver with 8 emeralds or of 18k yellow gold one with 8 diamonds, represents the number 8, symbol of material, power, and ambition, but also the Greek goddess of wisdom and craft, as contrary to the symbol of the number. For me, as the artist behind the creation, the beetle, with its shell, is an insect with an ever-present duality, just like human beings are full of contradiction. Therefore, behind its luxurious shell hide delicate wings, which allow the beetle and the person who wears it to be free whenever they choose.

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In Greek mythology, Gaïa is the mother goddess. She represents the maternal ancestry of the divine race. The sculpture of a beetle with a honeycombed body and a bee who makes its honey from the shell represents the mother goddess, the giver of life…

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Isis is a mythical queen and an Ancient Egypt goddess. Artists and poets have been speculating endlessly about the image of the veiled goddess and made Isis the symbol of nature’s hidden laws. She is often pictured nursing a child.

Made of rhodium-plated sterling silver with a beautiful pink Chinese Cultured Pearl, this jewel really represents the most popular goddess of Ancient Egypt, which symbolized maternity.

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Maïa literally means “little mother”. For me, a mother represents a quiet and delicate force. A surrounding person who always inspires comfort. This ring, made of sterling silver or 18k yellow gold, really represents the quiet force that lies within all of us

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Mellona or Mellonia (from Latin mel, “honey”) was the protector of beehives and bees according to the Roman mythology. She was supposed to avenge those for whom honey represented a mean of livelihood when they were robbed or one of their beehives was tempered with. This small beetle with a honeycombed shell is the perfect idealization of the protector…

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According to Greek mythology, Morphée is the god of prophetic dreams. This sterling silver beetle is set with a marine argillite cut by Gérard Lieutenant. With its dark stone, this jewel represents the vast universe and the depth of the world of dreams.

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Osiris is a god from the Egyptian pantheon and a mythical king from Ancient Egypt. Inventor of agriculture and religion, his reign is beneficent and civilizing.

Just like Osiris, this small silver or gold bee with a pink Chinese Cultured Pearl symbolizes life.

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I have a fascination for the entomological world. Two insects are of particular interest to me: the beetle and the bee, a true worker. To symbolize the shell and honey, nothing does it like a gold pearl from the South Seas. Sculpted by hand and casted in 18K gold only, this piece is a tribute to nature’s microcosms.

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