Give the gift of jewelry for women handmade in Canada – 7 tips and tricks

Buying or gifting jewelry? Great idea! Although it can be stressful, especially the fear of making the wrong choice. Offering jewelry means you are dear to person who receives and wears this gift…So if you decide to give the gift of jewelry, it is important to make the right choice!

Here are 7 tips for choosing the right piece of jewelry:

1 – Accentuate her best features

Jewelry, just like clothing, can bring out our best features. Does your girlfriend have a magnificent neck? Slip a necklace around it to accentuate it.

Choosing a necklace or pendant depends on the person’s size. Long pendants are more suitable for taller women, whereas mid-length necklaces that fall between the chin and the bust are more suitable for women with shorter and wider necks. There are many options for petite women, but the trick is to avoid a piece that is too long or big because it will look too heavy. The idea is to make the silhouette appear longer. If your loved-one has a generous bust, opt for a sautoir-style necklace that hangs just above the bust. If your sweetie is the curvy type, contrary to popular belief, you can get her larger jewelry and avoid smaller, finer jewelry.

2 – The bracelet: always a good buy!

Bracelets never go out of fashion and are always a good buy. Leather, silver and gold – today you can easily mix materials.

To take your beloved’s wrist measurements, simply take sewing measuring tape or a string and wrap it around her wrist while she is sleeping and her fists are closed. Leave a little wiggle room and record the measurement by marking the exact spot with your finger or a marker. You may also consider an adjustable bracelet that has an extension chain or another mechanism that makes it extendable.

3- Earrings: rules to remember!

If you want to buy your partner earrings, there are certain basic rules to consider. If she has a round face, go with longer earrings and avoid circular earrings that stick close to the ears, like huggie earrings. If she has a long face, avoid longer earrings that will make her face look longer. Opt instead for hoops that do not hang below the jawline.


4 – The Ring: a symbolic ornament!

The ring is the most symbolic piece of jewellery to give as a gift. However, it is still important to choose the right size. If your loved one is not ring shopping with you, remember to choose a ring according to the shape of her hand. For short, stubby fingers, choose a fine ring to make the finger appear thinner. For larger hands with longer fingers, choose a bigger ring. For a small, long hand, anything goes! If you are worried about making a mistake, know that better jewelers normally offer free adjustments.

You can measure your significant other’s finger by wrapping a string around it and marking the exact measurement on the string with your finger or a marker. Just as for bracelets, it is recommended to leave a little wiggle room. Then unravel the string and calculate the marked length on a measuring tape with millimetres. Online jewelry stores usually have a ring sizing chart with a standard circumference system, like our ring sizing chart below.

Ring and band ring sizing chart

Taille Mesure en mm (circonférence) Taille Mesure en mm (circonférence) Taille Mesure en mm (circonférence)
4 49 mm 8 61 mm 12 70 mm
4,5 50,5 mm 8,5 62 mm 12,5 73 mm
5 52 mm 9 63 mm 13 74 mm
5,5 53 mm 9,5 64 mm 13,5 76 mm
6 55 mm 10 65 mm 14 77 mm
6,5 56 mm 10,5 67 mm 14,5 78 mm
7 57 mm 11 68 mm 15 82 mm
7,5 59 mm 11,5 69 mm    

5 – Choose according to style

Classic, bold, romantic or trendy? Everyone has their own style. Make sure you choose the right one!

  • Classic style: Simple jewelry without motifs
  • Bold style: Stylized jewelry that stands out, with shapes and colours
  • Romantic style: Jewelry with lace motifs
  • Trendy style: These days chokers are in! This piece of jewellery is all the rage with fashion bloggers!


6 – Have fun trying different styles!

A piece of jewelry should appeal as much to the person wearing it as to the person offering it. Take the time to choose these special pieces yourself, rather than ask someone else. Play the jewellery search game and enjoy discovering Quebec’s many jewelry designers! You can search social media, the Internet or through Quebec artisan associations. (Keyword search: handmade jewelry in Quebec, Quebecois jewelry, Quebec artisan jewelers, Quebec craft councils, Signé Local, Quebec artisans, etc.)

Buying a piece of jewelry that is 100% handmade in Quebec is the best choice! Buying local ensures that the piece can be easily repaired or even exchanged in case of a problem.

7 – Go with your gut feeling!

When shopping for jewelry, trust your instincts! If you think something is of poor quality, do not buy it. Receiving poor-quality jewelry that breaks shortly after you buy it is never a pleasant experience…Remember: quality jewelry lasts forever!

Bague SCARO fait à la main au Québec

Happy shopping!

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