SCARO and the history of the beetle

There are moments that change our lives. One of these was my discovery of the beetle, the coleopterous insect that took an unlikely place in my life. Even my business is no exception and is called SCARO, a combination of scarab and Caroline. So here is the brief history of SCARO.

I was studying jewelry-making at the Pavillon technique in Quebec City when I encountered this extraordinary creature. On a beautiful summer day, I was crossing De Lorne street in Haute Ville, when I saw a beetle walking calmly along the hot asphalt, a few feet away from me. I was so curious about this insect with long antennae and fascinated by its agility, that I stopped the car about to run it over. I bent down to pick up this long-horned beetle, a species whose name I was not familiar with at the time. I hid it in the palm of my hand and carried it to a grassy area where I observed it for several minutes. Brown in texture with motifs, somewhat shiny, brave and strong – the scarab beetle had just introduced itself into my life. It was a revelation. From then on, the jewelry I would sculpt in my jewellery-making courses were beetles. This insect began to play an important role in my life. It is more than just a simple fascination; I grew to respect this mythical and mystical insect. The beetle, my favourite insect, is my personal good-luck charm, as believed by ancient cultures.

scarabee scaroVenerated by several peoples including the Egyptians and Mayans, the beetle is the subject of numerous legends and myths! For some, the beetle protects, for others, it is a good-luck charm. For the Egyptians, it is both. In ancient Egypt, a scarab was placed on the hearts of mummies to transport the dead to eternity. It was also said to bring fertility to all aspects of life.

As a contemporary jeweler, the beetle is my alter ego. As an artist, I am sensitive to my surroundings and fragile at times. And as a businesswoman, I have little room for this sensitivity. The beetle’s shell is mine and it protects me. The beetle’s shell does not prevent it from shining, from being proud and hardworking. Like the beetle, when I am confident, I break out of my shell and spread my wings. This is when I may seem a little clumsy and maybe a bit loud. Just like the beetle who, while flying, notices the buzzing sound as his wings beat against his shell. But he keeps going and succeeds in reaching his target. That’s the image of a beetle flying free!

Since 1998, the beetle has followed me everywhere. It is the emblem of SCARO – I have even tattooed it on my skin. Naturalized beetles in stone, sterling silver, or as drawing or sculpture, the beetle follows me everywhere. Every day I sculpt, shape and polish them and insert precious stones. Each day I wear it proudly as one of my creations.


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