When Destiny Brings Us to BIRKS…

When Destiny Brings Us to BIRKS…

20 years ago, as I had just started sculpting and discovering the enchanting world of jewellery-making, I would have never guessed that life would bring me to enter this close into the world of fine Canadian jewellery. For me, BIRKS represented the ultimate version of Canadian points of sales for fine jewellery. My sister Nadia made me discover this cult attraction of Montreal, in the corner of Square-Phillips, telling me: Imagine if one day, your jewellery were displayed in this luxurious store”.It was folklore to me. An ideal that I dared dreaming about.

Yet, 20 years later, now mastering the art of making, creating and sharing my passion, I have met the dynamic Léopold Turgeon, Chief executive officer of the Conseil québécois du commerce de détail, who was introduced to me by Danaë Ouellet (my former head of communications back in the day), who then introduced me to the President of Maison BIRKS, Jean-Christophe Bedos.

I knew I would be discussing with a very clever man, indeed, but I did not know he was that passionate about jewellery or that he was the former president of the French fine jewellery, Boucheron, whom I greatly admire. Of course, our discussions were strongly animated, although a bit short due to the time and place. Being a lover of the Art Nouveau age, and him, a fine connoisseur of this era and its artworks that have influenced jewellery over the last century, the beetle quickly became the topic of the conversation and then more specifically, my jewellery brand.

Personally, I can safely say that this charismatic and down to earth man is one of my favorite encounters.

Imagine my surprise when a few days later he invited me to meet him at the Maison BIRKS’s head office with my creations.

I still remember this encounter as if it was yesterday. He and the Vice-President at the time, Eva Hartling, were very welcoming with me and my creations. I was so pleasantly surprised. I was also feeling slightly destabilized. Not only did they love my design, they wanted them to be featured in their flagship store.

One year later, after having learned a lot about this luxury world and several trips took to Montreal, I can finally celebrate this moment with my brand new collection Apothéose, which marks SCARO’s 15th anniversary and was created specifically for this unique collaboration.

On June 12th, alongside my right-hand woman, Andrée Gravel, my friend and brand ambassador, Florence K, and my media liaison officer, Viviane Roy, we went to celebrate the grand opening of the newly renovated store and to admire the area dedicated to this collection, presented as BIRKS X SCARO.

There are no words to express how grateful I am. Life has a way of taking us by surprise and bring us where we would have never dared to imagine. Not due to a lack of confidence, but to a lack of understanding of this world, which is far away from my universe as a creator and an artist. I strive for discovery, getting surprised, be guided, getting out of my comfort zone and diving head first.

I never had any doubts about the place of my jewellery in the special world that is jewellery-making. But being at BIRKS, for my 15th anniversary, alongside people whom I respect and have a lot to learn from, it’s the kind of joy that I enjoy and for which I give my all while having fun!

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